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Father Time

from Daylight Savings Time by Attics



Time is a healer
But I want to feel
Every bruise and every scrape
Make no mistake
I want to savor every ache
Every flavor, every taste
Of every single tear to touch my face
I hate to see misery go to waste

I want to hold onto this grief
But time is a thief
So patient and methodical
A white collar criminal
Who slowly steals it all away
But takes just a little bit each day

Spoiler alert
Every day keeps on getting worse
Until one day we awake
Into a mindless happy state
Where all memory’s been erased
Hooray hooray hooray

You’re an involuntary reflex
A nervous tic inside my chest
You wanna turn me into a clown
Paint a smile over my frown
And parade me all around town
You’re a forced march and I can't slow you down

Time just takes time
To conceal and erase
To soothe every ache
Time to smooth every trace
Apply a little charity and grace
Oh what a disappointing case


from Daylight Savings Time, released October 18, 2017




Attics Brooklyn, New York

Music you can sing along to if you don’t mind odd lyrics and the occasional glockenspiel.

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