Daylight Savings Time

by Attics

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released October 18, 2017




Attics Brooklyn, New York

Music you can sing along to if you don’t mind odd lyrics and the occasional glockenspiel.

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Track Name: Solo Act
Now the separation is almost complete
Now that all my senses are in full retreat
Come and carve me up like a piece of meat
Lather, wash, rinse me, then repeat

Cue the audience to clap
Milk the moment make it last
Then fill the silence with a laugh
It’s just an encore for my solo Act

Now I just sit around waiting for time to elapse
Hoping it gets harder to recall the past I've prepared a statement in case you ever ask
It was all a warmup for my solo act

And I'll be sure to change the names
I'll even rearrange some facts
So just sit back and relax
And get ready for my solo Act
Track Name: Foolish
Though I know I shouldn't say this out loud
I used to be so optimistic and proud
Of my idealistic humanist universe
But the day I met you that bubble burst
So long farewell to all of my hard won truths
I tried to keep them but there was nothing I could do
I never knew there were people like you
You may be foolish but I'm the fool

I was more than just a little bit wrong

It’s not like I thought I was some kind of Christ
Nonetheless I might have been a little more righteous
Thinking I could find a way to love anyone for a little while
Maybe just enough to get along for a little while
Told myself that I could bring out your best
Well I hope this isn’t a trial or a test
It’s no defense, but i guess it’s the truth
You may be foolish but I’m the fool
Track Name: Leave It Blank
Curl my lips into a smile
After a while it might even work
Tried to keep a journal
But it got too personal too quick
When you're split right down the middle
Just a little wiggle is all it takes
If you need me, tap the window
I'll be on the fire escape

You ask, did I learn my lesson
Allow me to reply with a question
I don't want to make a mistake
Can I just leave it blank?
You ask, did I learn my lesson
Do I have to answer that question?
I don't want to make a mistake
So I'll just leave it blank

Your room’s got lots of windows
But never seems to get much light
I want to take a selfie
But I guess I’ll have to go outside
I keep looking at the clock
It hasn't stopped but it's behind
And the days get dark so early
Hooray for daylight savings time

You ask me how I'm feeling
Well I know I've heard that word
But lately it just sounds absurd
And I just draw a blank
I guess it's to be expected
Sometimes we all get disconnected
I try but I can't find the outlet
You say I'm close but I'm starting to doubt
Track Name: Father Time
Time is a healer
But I want to feel
Every bruise and every scrape
Make no mistake
I want to savor every ache
Every flavor, every taste
Of every single tear to touch my face
I hate to see misery go to waste

I want to hold onto this grief
But time is a thief
So patient and methodical
A white collar criminal
Who slowly steals it all away
But takes just a little bit each day

Spoiler alert
Every day keeps on getting worse
Until one day we awake
Into a mindless happy state
Where all memory’s been erased
Hooray hooray hooray

You’re an involuntary reflex
A nervous tic inside my chest
You wanna turn me into a clown
Paint a smile over my frown
And parade me all around town
You’re a forced march and I can't slow you down

Time just takes time
To conceal and erase
To soothe every ache
Time to smooth every trace
Apply a little charity and grace
Oh what a disappointing case
Track Name: Bad Karma Cabin
A bitter wind blows
Through the autumn morning
A cloud is forming
Of dead leaves and garbage
Discarded propaganda
That lands all around my feet
As I try to hurry down the street
Of shuttered windows and covered siding
I’ve decided it’s time
To pack my bags and grab my coat
The city is no place for the cold
And if anyone asks where I’m traveling
Just tell them I’m headed up to bad karma cabin

Don’t know how long I’ll be here
Could be a minute or a year
The days are dark but the nights are clear
Gonna lay so low I start to disappear

A halogen moon rides low in the sky
Like a heavy metal iridescent eye
Casting a searchlight far and wide
Maybe it's a good time to stay inside
Cause lately I've been so tired
I’m taking medicine past expired
And when I wake up I'm so much colder
The slumber party’s over
And I've never been so sick before
I'm Thick with thoughts I can't ignore
They swarm me while I try to stay warm
Under a blanket that's already unraveling
Just another morning out in bad karma cabin